Applications, Permits, Licenses & Forms

Village documents can be found below. Many are in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF). If you do not have Adobe Acrobat it can be downloaded for free here: Adobe Reader download.



Application for a burglar or fire alarm installation permit

Permit to operate a towing car for hire within the limits of the village

Permit for parade, exhibition, concert, theatrical performance, dog show, antique show, horse show or other similar performance or display

Permit for clearing of wooded areas or the cutting or removal of native trees, the excavation, grading or filling of land or the removal of natural ground cover, soil or mineral deposit unrelated to the authorized construction of a building or structure or the plowing of newly cleared or uncultivated land,

Zoning permit required by this chapter, provided that the Building Inspector finds and certifies that the proposed use and building or alteration comply with all applicable provisions of this chapter.

Fees (Incomplete list)

Check with the Village Clerk, Building Clerk or review the Village Code

Tow car permit: $300 per calendar year; $100 if permit expires within six months.

Parade, auction or tag sale permit fee: $250.

Application fee for a tree removal permit: Starting at $75 for the first five (5) trees. Additional fee per tree more than five (5).

Landscaper license:  All persons, companies or corporations (collectively referred to as “landscaper”) who perform landscaping functions in the Village shall be duly licensed by the Town of Oyster Bay (“Town”).