Garbage Disposal District

The Garbage Disposal District (GDD) is a reality in Upper Brookville. The following documents explain how it works and why it will lower costs and enhance the quality of life in the village for all our residents. Residents should receive information in the mail soon along with a copy of the Election Form posted below to fill out and send back to the village.

Note: The deadline to opt in or out is June 5, 2017. If the Village Clerk does not receive your written election to Opt Out by June 5th, you will automatically be included in the GDD for the coming 11 months and owe $495.00 for those eleven months of service. 

The Village will confirm all Elections by email or postcard, if no email is available.

  1. Garbage Disposal District Pricing and Rationale
  2. R3 Consulting Group, Inc. Letter to Village of Upper Brookville
  3. GDD Questions and Answers
  4. GDD Collection Rules
  5. Election Form to be Returned to the Village by June 5, 2017
  6. GDD Monday & Thursday Collection Schedule
  7. GDD Tuesday & Friday Collection Schedule


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