Roads Department

Sam Vergata – Road Commissioner

Stephen Murphy

James Mundell

Roads Department
Village of Upper Brookville
24 Wolver Hollow Road
Glen Head, New York 11545

Phone: 516-903-7433

Village Engineers
The LiRo Group 
235 East Jericho Turnpike
Mineola, NY 11501-0109

The principal responsibilities of the Roads Department are road maintenance and repair and related matters, including snow removal, drainage, public lighting, signs, grass cutting and tree pruning on the 7.9 miles of road under Village jurisdiction. Sam Vergata, Village Road Commissioner, may be contacted as listed above.

Sam Vergata works with our Village Engineers, Sidney B Browne & Son, to continually assess the condition of the roads and the ongoing prescription for their upkeep or replacement. Storms and heavy construction machinery lower the life of Village roads. Sealing cracks quickly when identified can extend the life. Residents should alert the Village of any signs of age or damage which should be added to our list of needed repairs.

The Village will be repaving Friendly Road and Chapel Gate Lane in Fall of 2016. This project has been awarded and the contract signed. Construction is slated for this Fall. The cost will initially be paid by the Village and subsequently refunded from the proceeds of a 15-year bond financing.

There will be additional road repaving starting in 2017, subject to the results of an engineering study and the decision of the Board as to specific roads. The Village Engineer and Road Commissioner have already cited the need to review the condition of Cedar Ridge, Hillcrest, Lawn, part of Linden, Locust, Pine Valley, Planting Fields, Ripley, Terrace and The Knolls.

Roads Department personal sand and plow snow during storms on the Village Roads (listed below) using leased vehicles and equipment. The Town of Oyster Bay, Nassau County, New York State remove snow on the roads they maintain (listed below). Residents on Village private roads arrange for snow removal through formal as well as ad hoc neighborhood associations. Private road residents seeking to form neighborhood associations for the purpose of road repair, road replacement, snow removal or other purposes should notify the Village Clerk/Treasurer.

The Roads Department installs and maintains all traffic control signs, parking signs and street name signs in the Village. Residents should report any missing or damaged signs or other problems to this bureau. Requests for traffic control, street name or parking signs should be directed to the Roads Commissioner or the Village Clerk/Treasurer to be reviewed by the Village Board. It is important that signs be clearly readable and up-to-date so fire trucks and emergency vehicles can reach residents during emergencies.

The Roads Department is responsible for maintenance of catch basins and Village sumps.
Residents should alert the Roads Commissioner if a catch basin on a Village road is overflowing or in need of cleaning or if there is any problem with a Village sump.

To report a problem with a catch basin on a Nassau County Road or with a Nassau County sump, call (516) 571-6900. To report a problem with a catch basin on a State Road or with a State sump, call (516) 952-6702.

When reporting a problem with a sump, it is helpful to have the number of the sump. It appears on a sign located on the entrance gate to the sump. The Roads List (below) will help you identify which roads belong to the Village, Town of Oyster Bay, Nassau County or New York State.

The Roads Department is responsible for the installation and maintenance of all street lighting in the Village. For the department to respond as quickly as possible to inquiries and problems, it is helpful to report the type of pole (metal or wood), the pole number, if possible, and the nearest house number or cross street. To report a light out, call (516) 903-7433 during business hours.


According to our Village Engineers, there are 20.59 miles total roads in the Village of Upper Brookville. This includes:
Nassau County: 1. 79 miles
New York State: 2.08 miles
Upper Brookville Village / Other: 16. 72 miles
Roads Named “Private”: 1.17 miles (within the total in Upper Brookville Village of 16.72 miles)

THE VILLAGE OF UPPER BROOKVILLE maintains all or most of: Cedar Ridge Road, Chapel Gate Lane, Colony Road, Donna Drive, Friendly Road, Hillcrest Lane, Lawn Lane, Linda Court, 3/4 of Linden Lane, Locust Lane, Mill River Road, Pine Valley Road, Planting Fields Road, Ripley Lane, Terrace Lane – (1/4 south end 600’-700’), The Knoll and Victor Court.

THE THIRTY-SIX PRIVATE ROADS in the Village of Upper Brookville are maintained by the residents on these roads. They include: Barnside Lane, Bel Air Court, Canon Lane, Carol Lane, Centre View Drive, Charles Way, Chestnut Hill Court, Chestnut Hill Drive, Clews Drive, Colonial Drive, Covey Court, Crosswood Lane, Dogwood Court, Equestrian Court, Fairway Court, Farmwoods Lane, Filasky Court, Fox Run, Hunt Court, Juniper Drive, Laurel Woods Drive, Overbrook Lane, Old Cedar Swamp Road, Peacock Lane, Pond View Drive, Revere Court, Shelter Lane, Sterling Lane, Stirrup Drive, Valerie Drive, Quail Path, Red Fox Lane, Wash Hollow Road, West View Drive, Winding Lane and Wood Hill Lane.

NEW YORK STATE maintains: Rt. 107 (Cedar Swamp Road) and 25A (Northern Boulevard).

THE TOWN OF OYSTER BAY maintains: Terrace Lane (north end).

NASSAU COUNTY maintains: Wolver Hollow Road, Chicken Valley Road, Piping Rock Road, Wheatley Road, Pine Hollow Road and Glen Cove/Oyster Bay Road.