Free Firewood, Mulch and Wood Chips for Residents

Entrance to the wood storage area across from the entrance to the Planting Fields Arboretum on Planting Fields Road


These piles to the right as you enter include mulch (on the left) and wood chips (on the right) available for the taking to residents of Upper Brookville


Wood available to residents of Upper Brookville.

Residents of Upper Brookville have been invited, courtesy of the Planting Fields Historic State Park, to remove firewood, mulch and wood chips from the inventory across from the entrance to Planting Fields Historic State Park on Planting Fields Road. This inventory of wood is generated by dead or dangerous trees and branches taken down on village roads and other trees formally at the State Park. The area is usually open on weekdays  from 8:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. and, at some other times, by arrangement with the Village Clerk.

Residents will need to download and complete a Wood Removal Permit from the park before they can have access to the wood.  Once completed, the form can be submitted to Tracy Lynch, Village Clerk, and she will forward it to the park for approval.

Residents will need to arrange for their own splitting.

Vehicles should display the Upper Brookville “VUB” sticker (see discription under “News” here) available at no charge from the Village Clerk by email or in person pickup at the Village Hall.


This is inventory is maintained for use in the Planting Fields Historic State Park only and should not be removed.