Lawn Lane Neighborhood (with Hillcrest Ln & Terrace Ln)

The Village Engineers have recommended including Lawn Lane and Hillcrest Lane in our 2017 road repaving and reconstruction schedule. In connection with this plan you may have seen surveyors drilling  test cores on the roads to determine the makeup of the roadbed so the reconstruction prescription will be sound. I hope you agree that it is the right time to complete this project.

We plan to finish the designs by early May and request bids in by month end. We will award the job and notify the contractor to proceed by early July. The construction period for the first five roads in our 2017 program will be July 5 to November 5th. We should know the approximate dates for Lawn and Hillcrest by mid June. You can find schedule updates on the Lawn Lane page in the Neighborhood section of the village website.

The road has historically been resurfaced by simply adding new layers so that now, some of the asphalt reaches the top of the Belgian blocks. Our plan is to to remove and replace the existing Belgian blocks with new ones of a somewhat larger size in order to better support the new road layers and channel storm water.