Locust Valley Ranked One of America’s Top High Schools – Again! No. 1 on Long Island and No. 4 in New York State

The Washington Post has once again ranked Locust Valley High School as one of the top high schools in the country. The publication’s 2017 High School Challenge Index ranks the high school as:

·      No. 1 overall on Long Island;
·      No. 1 among open enrollment public schools in New York State;
·      No. 4 overall in NY State;
·      No. 120 overall in the nation.

The Index ranks high schools across the nation on their ability to expose adolescents, regardless of wealth, ethnicity or classification, to exceptionally rigorous college-level courses.

These rankings recognize the accomplishments of our students and our highly skilled and caring faculty members, who not only have high expectations for those whom they teach, but also have the ability to provide the skills, knowledge, support and encouragement necessary for children to challenge themselves and succeed by national and international measures of excellence.

Dr. Anna Hunderfund, Superintendent of Schools, said, “Given that we do not limit student access to these courses on any basis including family wealth, classification, grade point average or prior academic achievement and that as a result of this open access, more than 85 percent of our students routinely complete these rigorous courses, our students, faculty, Board of Education and residents have a great deal of which to be very proud again.”

 Dr. Kieran McGuire, Principal of Locust Valley High School, added that our students, faculty and school community members should “enjoy this recognition of what we do and, in what we do, who we are. This index is well-named; it measures how well schools challenge their students. We are annually ranked high on it because we do not place limits on any student – we challenge all to reach beyond what they think they can do.”

Congratulations to Locust Valley High School faculty and students, and to all who continue to support the high quality educational experience of our school community.

Source:  Locust Valley Central School District website

Source: The Washington Post