New York State DOT Pavement Surface Ratings


To assist in determining the condition of a private road in connection with the additions to Chapter 130 of the Code of the Village of Upper Brookville adopted on July 23, 2018, guidelines as to the Roadway Rating Assessment that will be made by the Village Engineer are contained in the index to the New York State Department of Transportation Pavement Condition Assessment Manual*.

The New York State DOT, in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration, collects a variety of information used to assess the condition of highway pavements. This includes an assessment of surface distress, ride quality, rutting and faulting.

The Pavement Surface Rating is based on the severity and extent of cracking on the surface of the pavement. The rating is assigned based on a comparison of what is seen on the road being surveyed to pavement photographs at each rating point. The Surface Ratings are categorized as follows:

9-10   Excellent     –  No surface distress.
7-8     Good           –  Surface distress beginning to show.
   6     Fair              –  Surface distress is clearly visible.
1-5     Poor            –  Distress is frequent and severe.

The Board of Trustees and Village Engineer have determined that a Pavement Surface Rating of “4” or less indicates a substandard road. 



* While highly technical, the complete document is available here: